This is not an exhaustive list, but drawn from programmes over the last few years.
Various other things we have done in rehearsal but not performed (yet).

Title Composer
A Little Pretty Bonny Lass Farmer
Adieu Sweet Amaryllis Wilbye
Adieu Ye City-Prisoning Towers Tomkins
All At Once Well Met Weelkes
All Creatures Now Bennet
Amor Vittorioso Gastoldi
April Is In My Mistress Face Morley
As Vesta was from Latmos Hill descending Weelkes
Bonjour Lasso
Can't Buy Me Love Lennon & McCartney
Come Away Sweet Love Greaves
Construe My Meaning Farnaby
Dainty Fine Bird Gibbons
Death hath deprived me  Weelkes
Die Nachtigall Mendelssohn
Dindrin Anon
Draw on Sweet Night Wilbye
El Grillo Josquin Des Prez
Evening Primrose Britten
Fair Phyllis Farmer
Flora Gave Me Fairest Flowers Wilbye
Four Arms Two Necks Weelkes
Fyer Fyer Morley
Ha ha! this world doth pass Weelkes
Hark All Ye Lovely Saints Above Weelkes
I Love Alas I Love Thee Morley
If Music Be the Food of Love Purcell
Il Bianco e Dolce Cigno Arcadelt
Il Est Bel Et Bon Passereau
It was a Lover and his Lass Morley
Lady when I behold  Wilbye
L'amour la mort et la vie  Janequin
Lay a Garland Pearsall
Lerchensesang Mendelssohn
Lullaby  Byrd
Music for a while  Purcell
My Bonny Lass Morley
No Haste But Good East
No No Niella Morley
Now Is The Month Of Maying Morley
Of all the birds Bartlett
Oyez! Has Any Found A Lad? Tomkins
Poor is the Life East
Quella bella e dolce mano Caprioli
Quick Quick Away, Dispatch East
Quick we have but a second  Stanford
Rest Sweet Nymphs Pilkington
Silver Swan Gibbons
Sing We And Chant It Morley
Sleep Fleshly Birth Ramsey
Summer Night on the Water Delius
Sweet Honey Sucking Bees Wilbye
Sweet Suffolk Owl Vautor
Tea for Two Youmans
The Andalusian Merchant Weelkes
The Long Day Closes Sullivan
The Lord Bless You Lutkin
The Nightingale Weelkes
The Nightingale Ferrabosco
Though Amaryllis Dance in Green Byrd
Thule the Period of Cosmography Weelkes
To the Shady Woods Tomkins
Too Much I Once Lamented Tomkins
Weep O Mine Eyes Bennet
Weep weep mine eyes  Wilbye
Weep You No More Dowland
Why should I love  Kirbye
Yet Sweet Take Heed Wilbye
Your shining eyes  Bateson