Many thanks from the group to all who have contributed regularly or occasionally over the years:
In no particular order, current members * ...

Soprano Alto Tenor Bass
Belinda Ford*
Jane Walker*
Beth Whitby*
Vicki Jones*
Ellie Hyde
Rachel Stalley
Josie Peddie
Lesley Thomas
Lesley Chaplin
Jane Seymour
Julia Booker
Erica Eloff
Melanie Fone*
Judith Pritchard*
Catherine Wanless*
Anna Trocme-Latter
Sylvia Hickson
Alison Evans
Jean Lowery
Simon Shaw*
Nigel Wills*
Chris Bond
Tony Evans
Paul Iddenten*
Alex Cutbill*
Alan Gwynn*
Tom Toy*
Andy Hyde
Don Hickson
Tom Lowe
Peter Soul


Done off the top of my head so I do hope I haven't forgotten anyone!  If I have, please do remind me!